Let’s Expand Your

Small Business

Into A 6 & 7 Figure Empire

At The Feminine Business Academy,

you’ll multiply your business with pleasure, ease, flow, and joy!

Let’s Multiply Your Small Business Into A 6 & 7 Figure Empire

At The Feminine Business Academy

We believe that you’re NOT a worker. 

You’re a CREATOR!




Feeling Burned Out Trying to

Grow & Expand Your Business?

  • Are you tired of playing every role in your business?

  • Are you afraid of raising your prices and asking for more of what you deserve?

  • Do you long for a team to support you but don’t who to hire or how to train and support them?

  • How much time have you wasted hiring people who aren’t working out?

  • Do you work so much that you don’t have no time left to spend with the people you love or doing activities you enjoy?

  • Do you fear that if you grow, expand, and scale you’ll end up working more?

We'll Help You Create Expand Quickly

(Without working more or burning out)


Scaling Your Business Should Be Easier

1. Book A Clarity Call

2. We'll Help You Pleasurably Expand Your Business Quickly

3. Your Business Flourishes

I Care About Your Success​

  • I understand how tough it is for women in business today because I’ve been there.

  • I know how hard it can be to receive MORE of what you deserve.

  • I support women to expand their business so they can create more impact while becoming financially free.​

    Are You Ready To Turn Your Small Business Into A Multi-Million Dollar Empire?

    Receive the support you deserve!


    Create a new level of financial freedom and have a larger ripple of impact!


    Work less while accomplishing more?

    Darlene Loves

    Darlene Loves is the founder & CEO of the Feminine Business Academy. She helps women expand their small business into a multi 6 & 7 figure Empire with pleasure, ease, flow, & fun.

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