Become more confident and minimize your anxiety, nervousness and self doubt with Deb Petrille - Darlene Loves
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Become more confident and minimize your anxiety, nervousness and self doubt with Deb Petrille

Become more confident and minimize your anxiety, nervousness and self doubt with Deb Petrille

Becoming more confident and minimizing your anxiety, nervousness, and self-doubt can occur when you use your women’s intuition and connect to your own inner truth.

Deb Petrille is an amazing woman who has practiced her power of being a clairvoyant to help people know themselves more and experience more joy and flow in their lives and businesses. You can check her out and book a free session with her at

Deb is a clairvoyant, she helps you know yourself and develop your gifts.

She believes that everyone has the capacity for clairvoyance, the ability to see beyond our physical eyes so that we can create a love life, a business life, we can create all parts of our life in alignment with what is in our highest good.

Meet Deb Petrille…

I knew that I’m able to see intuitively when I was pre-teen.

I have always been intuitive.

I once took meditation classes to relax, and kept going back. It was actually a clairvoyant training program, which I did for 15 years.

So my ability as a child became stronger and stronger, and I’ve done many other types of program that helped strengthen the ability.

I later discovered that I only am not clairvoyant, but I’m also clairsentient, which is the ability to feel or emphatic sensibility, the ability to be an empath.

Major takeaways:

  • All women have intuition – it’s just a question of do they want to develop it?
  • the fear around being clairvoyant is mostly around acceptance
  • It’s wonderful to develop intuitive gifts with a group of people who are also doing the same thing because they’re having the same experiences
  • The hits/signs you get as an intuitive is considered as a guide which leads to seeing things happen before they happen
  • By surrendering and letting go, we received the knowing the ability to see at least the first step
  • Emphatic Sensitivity, which is the ability to feel other people, feel other people’s pain, feel other people’s joy
  • Meditation and tarot cards can work for some people to help develop intuition
  • Another way to get messages is to do stream of messages writing. Just sit down with a pen and paper and just start writing.
  • Intuition can be used in relationships
  • Stop worrying about what people think about you will allow you to be you
  • The feminine is a creative energy
  • You can grow younger
  • Take the joy and run with it
  • If you’re going to do an open relationship, do it slow
  • If you want to speed up in your life, slow down
  • We could still everything we want and more if we just lean in to who we really are
  • We can be optimistic but allow the roller coaster.. it’s okay to cry
  • Grief is a process, it is not something that happens overnight
  • You can actually have control and not be attached at the same time

Keep doing what you are doing and have people sharing!

Visit a 15-minute free session with Deb!

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