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Creating the confidence to flirting

Creating the confidence to flirting

Increasing your level of self-confidence will increase your confidence to flirt.

Flirting is natural to us and when we flirt it increases our oxytocin, our joy and most of all our connection and intimacy with another person. Let’s increase your self-confidence by doing something that is fun and that will fill your tank up!

The Art of Flirting

If you want to be a master in the flirtatious department, one of the key factors is that it is important that you have a connection with yourself.

Self love and appreciation.

We need to give ourselves appreciation, be less critical, more loving and appreciative towards ourselves.

You can increase your level of connection with another person by having a higher level of self-esteem and confidence of who you are.

Sometimes we get so drained, so I have a little practice that will inspire you with to increase your self-confidence and it will support you to lift you up in the mornings.

Whether you are in a relationship or single but looking to go out and connect, here’s a practice that I’ve used to go back to falling in love with myself and appreciating myself:

  • Go out on a date with myself at a restaurant I like, sat down on my table of choice, and had a conversation with myself and listed down the answers to the following questions: Why would you fall in love with me?, Why would you get attracted with me?

Afformations vs Affirmations

When you ask a question, “why am i a powerful woman?” “why am i beautiful?”, your brain automatically opens up and begins to look for ways to make that true.

Here’s an action you can do:

  1. Set a date with yourself. Get ready for that date because you’re going to a place you really want to. Treat yourself like the most special person. Bring a notepad and ask yourself all these questions (and more)..
    • what do i love about me
    • what would another love about me
    • what do i appreciate about me
    • what do I don’t give myself credit for
    • what really lights me up
    • what would i do to play more, to open up my inner child
  2. Download my eSensual Starter kit – the playbook contains a section on flirting, curl up and dive in.

Go date yourself. Give yourself just enough attention to make yourself really light up.

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