Giving from fullness- remembering to listen to your body and fill up! - Darlene Loves
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Giving from fullness- remembering to listen to your body and fill up!

Giving from fullness- remembering to listen to your body and fill up!

As busy driven women, we will often put off eating and sleeping and overwork ourselves.

Creating and giving from empty means you are giving less than and aren’t able to be your best, most sensual and powerful woman. Your body needs you to take care of it and first fill yourself up with sleep and food. Nothing is more important than you.

So what is one thing you can do for yourself that can keep you filled up both physically and emotionally?

I really love to be with women who are like-minded, have similar challenges. 

I’ve shared this before – that I have had health challenges growing up. And then when I was 19, I was diagnosed with bunch of things and basically it boiled down into digestive problems.

Now, I’m healed and no symptoms of them anymore due to the fact that I changed my diet first to a vegan diet then to a raw food diet.

By eating steamed vegetables daily I noticed that there’s a difference. Like I feel vibrant. 

I like to fill my body with very great nourishing raw foods. And eating that food reminded me of how to take care of my body. That no matter what I’m doing, taking time out, nourishing myself, filling myself up will allow me to give that place of fullness. 

Often times when I’m not taking care of my body, emotionally I get pretty hungry and I don’t want to get through that again.

I love to create from a place that includes taking care of myself and I think the creation of a place starts in what is my mental and physical wellness. 

Take a break. Listen to the cues from your bodies. Often times we can fall into those places were we don’t take care of our bodies.

Eating and sleep is important. Taking care of our body is crucial.

The level of our energy on how much we can give and the way in which we will give so well comes from a place of fullness of wholeness, love and joy and not from the place of emptiness, hungry or of not feeling good.

We have to take care of our bodies.

What I know is our sensuality, our sexuality, our ability to let go is filled by our body. Its ability to receive, and receiving is important in order to get the spot that we desire, is in our bodies.

Thank yourself for the accomplishments that you’ve created in your life.

Take time to nourish yourself with delicious food.


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