How Orgasm Can Help You Fill Up and Thrive in Todays World as a Woman! - Darlene Loves
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How Orgasm Can Help You Fill Up and Thrive in Todays World as a Woman!

How Orgasm Can Help You Fill Up and Thrive in Todays World as a Woman!

Beautiful lady did you know that it’s no longer acceptable to just survive today.

Surviving has a feeling sick, disconnected, depressed, and alone. Thriving allows you to connect to your internal knowing and true power to create your life and business in the flow! Hear how orgasm changed my life and how it can transform yours too!

Sharing my own transformation from surviving to thriving:

So ladies, back on the day when I was a full time mother and wife offline and online busy business woman, my life was over flowing with demands.

I was doing my best to keep up with what I was considering the most important aspects of everything and feeling very overwhelmed.

The big problem was that my husband and I were also arguing and that caused me to feel more drained and depressed.

And all of that arguing, on the top of the demands everyday was leaving me feeling too empty to be creative.

I felt so unhappy, like I have been compromising myself in making my life all about my children and husband and the work that I feel like people want me to do versus what I wanted to do, and this caused so much separation in between my marriage and in my life that my husband I ended up having an emotional affair with a woman.

And i feel like that emotional affair was a wrecking ball in my life and in my business.

My business just fell apart because I became a wreck.

I was just a mess the anxiety, the depression the lack of sleep and to be truthful I feel like it was just a blessing now.

And this all causes me to really take a look at myself and take inventory of my life as a whole and how I was creating my life, my business, my relationships, and I realized I was really into mode of deep masculinity.

And it’s so much of what I see in this world today. But all this force to be drawn in felt like a force that I have to push against.

I realized that there is a different way to create  life, business and relationship from my inner femininity, divinity, my joy and sensuality and my intuition.

I stumbled upon orgasmic meditation. I felt so empty so drained from the way that I’m doing life and business even though I had shifted the way I’m doing business.

  • Orgasmic  meditation- is a practice in which  a woman takes off her bottom part of her garment, lays back and spread hier legs open and a partner, generally a man, strokes the left hand quadrant of her clitoris with his left tip of his index finger for 15 minutes without any goal

My definition of sensuality – it is from that place of joy, of touching, this electricity that turns on joy in your life and help like what you’re feeling in yourself.

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