How to Grow YOUNG Instead of Old - Darlene Loves
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How to Grow YOUNG Instead of Old

How to Grow YOUNG Instead of Old

Are you ever afraid of growing old? Like dying while sitting in a rocky chair or in front of the TV?

If you’d like more of an adventurous life then Growing Young may be for you too! Let’s live a sensual adventurous life together and grow younger!

As a little girl, I’ve always wanted to go on adventures.

I love adventure.

During a live show of Allison Armstrong, a woman went on and say, “I don’t want to grow old with someone, I want to grow young with someone.”

I knew it in that moment, that’s what I wanted.

I want to be out in the world having an adventure. Being this bright, adventurous, playful person and just keep going in that direction.

When I need to be in work mode, I’m very powerful in that. But when I know when I start to get crappy because I’ve been on that mode for so long, then I step back.

I tap into my sensual, beautiful, sexy self.

And then when I feel nourished, I feel full, I go to a new area. I love nurturing, so I nurture my kids, and Tom.

This is just the different facets of who are, rather than trying to say there’s a balance.

In truth, getting old happens because we step into certain roles and stick there.

One of the practices that I actually do is that when I start to become complacent in my life, I move.

When you move, it forces you to clean out your close, to clean out your life.

Learning is a constant path and I believe it keeps me youthful.

Another way to grow young has something to do with how you take care of your body.

I love movement.

I love to feed myself, like my smoothies. And I don’t eat meat, which started out as a health issue. I eat as many fruits, that gives me clear skin and keeps me looking youthful.

Lastly, the practice of love. That keeps you young. I believe you can practice love in every area in your life. The love in yourself, and then the love of others.

I love babies. Being around babies keeps you youthful.

Ask yourself, how can I grow young today?

Growing young is magical. It’s like regenerating the belief system around age.

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