How Your Sensuality Will Set You Free! - Darlene Loves
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How Your Sensuality Will Set You Free!

How Your Sensuality Will Set You Free!

Your sensuality is one of the most powerful energies you possess. Set your sensual feminine woman free to create effortlessly and with unlimited possibilities.

Sensuality Offers You Freedom

Our why’s is the most important reason for doing anything.

The reason why I do what I do, which is supporting and inspiring women to release their sensuality, to give freedom to themselves is so they can bring out the best in themselves, feel their best, and experience the best of who they are.

How did it start for me?

I had a near-death experience when I was very young that left in me an experience of really feeling like “I must be here for some reason.”

I struggled with that feeling for a long time until I experienced something different that made me want to do what I really wanted to do. It’s like an itch that I couldn’t scratch.

My thoughts:

You lived for a reason. What is that reason? Get on with that reason!

So I did an exercise by Simon Sinek (author of Start with Why)

Major takeaway – When you start with your WHY, then the HOW, and then the WHAT,  in that order, you actually connect with people. Because people want to know more of your why.


My ‘why’ was to bring out the best in people.

I believe our best lives within us. It’s already deep inside of us. It’s just a matter of bringing that out. Even though I believe you cannot make another person happy, I believe you can connect with a higher spot within them – that higher spot of the best of who they are.

Through bringing out the best in others BY BEING YOUR BEST and CONNECTING with them.

FREEDOM – It’s what I’ve always wanted for people.

Every women have 3 parts inside them:

  • mothering – nurturing part
  • queen – being a good business women, gets things done
  • seductress – sensual, lover, playful, luscious self of women


The seductress is always locked up as it is not considered an immediate need. This leads to body issues. What if you are desirable at any age? What if you just let your sensual self out all the time?

Definition of Sensuality:

Sensual nature; the unrestrained indulgence in sensual pleasures.

My Definition of Sensuality:

You could feel glamorous and confident, and dive into your deepest desires. To go from being a mother, business women, to being a magnet for your desires.

Sensuality is a practice of allowing your natural diving femininity to electrify your body, your emotional being. You could feel connected to yourself, to your desires, to the people around you, to the person you love. It is an energy that has you feeling wide open in the world. It allows you to have that playfulness, that sparkly, tingly, bubbling feeling in your body.

Sensuality is an endless journey of sensations. And each sensation takes you closer to feeling out of your head and deeper into love, joy and peace. This is WHY i love to support and provide permission for you, a beautiful divine being of this earth.

It’s a shame for us to have to compromise – it’s not fair to who we are.

Sensuality touched a spot inside yourself that allows that sensually, exhilarating, electrifying piece of you support you i all the areas of your life.

We can utilize that sensual electricity to fuel our life and create what we want to create. Effortless and unlimited possibilities with that we can create with the power, the energy, the emotional resonance of what it feels like to really be what we want to create. To really allow our desires to come in.

Ladies, free your seductress.


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