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NEVER COMPROMISE! And get the love you truly desire

NEVER COMPROMISE! And get the love you truly desire

I have found that when I get lonely, desperate, or fearful I start to lessen my standards and begin to compromise who I am and what I want.

I have done it in dating and at work. I’ve failed myself over and over. That’s why I created the Your E-Sensual Roadmap to keep me and you from falling into the compromise trap. Break free from compromise and get more of what you want.

The inevitable box.

Did you find yourself putting yourself  in the box? To please somebody or organization, or maybe a man.

Today we going to explore those boxes and how can we put ourselves out of them.

Today I figured out how I threw myself under the bus by putting myself in a box that somebody else made for me and they set those all this things they wanted particularly. 

It backfired on me. I didn’t understand what I was doing.

And my intuitive feeling was to walk away.

And what I got from that was this feels like I was putting myself into this box so I could date this company and it doesn’t work out because it wasn’t in our box as a company.

It wasn’t the things we want to provide and what we want to receive in return.

Because regardless if you’re a service provider, a spouse, a lover, or friend, there will always some give and take and sometimes the taking is just a receiving of love.

This is what I want to create and from there, the next level was to just allow that person to come in to my life through conversations.

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