Perfection stops us from ourself, our desires, our creativity and from being who we really are. - Darlene Loves
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Perfection stops us from ourself, our desires, our creativity and from being who we really are.

Perfection stops us from ourself, our desires, our creativity and from being who we really are.

Many of us use the excuse and label that we are a “perfectionist” and from the outside, this can look like us wanting to get it right, perfect, produce the best version of yourself.

However, the truth is perfectionism actually prevents you from being vulnerable, creative, from asking for what you want, and from your journey. Of course, we want to put our best forward and when it comes down to it at the end of the day it’s better to move forward, share you, and be vulnerable, all of that will actually cause your life to become more perfect and less like a struggle. Give yourself permission to be messy and imperfect and BEST of all raw and vulnerable.

Perfectionism and and how to move past perfectionism often times keeps us stuck in moving forward.

The reason why I want to address this is because often times women will not go out there and put themselves out there, whether it’s in business or sensuality or sexuality, or ask for what they want.

What’s underneath the surface of perfectionism?

Whats under perfectionism? Is it our constant desire to make sure everything is perfect? How does perfectionism blocks us and how can we unblock it and free ourselves?

Why do we get stuck with perfectionism? It’s that underlying piece that we care about what other people think about what we’ve done, about our art, about making sure that whatever we’re putting out there in the world is our best.

I have to be all fixed and all perfect before I go out there in the world.

If I just waited to date until all my problems were fixed, or until I felt that I was worthy enough – we’d never get anything done, we’d never put anything out there, we’d never create anything.

You’d want to put yourself out there in the world.

Perfectionism – I’m going to do it good!

Oftentimes, our good to other people is our best.

The clothes that you wear can support you to feel better. Your body’s not going to be perfect, it’s just going be you. And you’re beautiful.

Perfection can be an excuse not to step forward. It’s less about making something perfect, and more about being vulnerable and exposure beyond our vulnerability. Opening up, putting ourselves out there as a woman, creating art.

Don’t get limited by perfection. Jump the first step. Do something.

Rather than being stuck by waiting to be perfect, just practice. Just step on to it. Vulnerability is so beautiful, it’s so sexy.

Trying to hold back who we are is painful. It stops us from being us.

If there’s one message I want to say – Get out there into the world. You’re loved. It does take bravery, vulnerability. Just put yourself out there as a woman!

Don’t let perfection stop you anymore.

Be vulnerable. You’re good enough.


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