Quickly FREE yourself from what's blocking you from your desires with Cappi Pidwell - Darlene Loves
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Quickly FREE yourself from what’s blocking you from your desires with Cappi Pidwell

Quickly FREE yourself from what’s blocking you from your desires with Cappi Pidwell

Are you unconsciously self-sabotaging your desires?

We’ll learn form Cappi Pidwell on how our unconscious beliefs that were created as a child are holding us back from money, love, joy, and most importantly from loving who we are!

If we don’t have the right mindset we don’t have self confidence, and without self confidence you can’t attract or create the life you want because it just comes from a very awful energy that surrounds us when we are not feeling our best or feeling enough space of like living for who we are and that can be self sabotage.

Cappi Pidwell is a master hypnotherapist and a master of neurolinguistic programming.

She believes how powerful the mindset is to attract whatever we want like love, money, success and confidence.

She started studying mindset 25 years ago.

Major takeaways:

  • You have everything to gain by understanding how the mind works
  • People can digest easy information and sometimes to create change can really make conflicts
  • Cappi shares her model (since she creates a lot of models and strategies for people t know how things work and then apply it)
  • Learn more about your subconscious, which is actually 90% of who we are
  • Boys don’t have the same self-esteem issues as women do because we are programmed from a very early age
  • A woman’s primary need is to be cared for and a man’s primary need ti be respected and appreciated, so now we know that our needs are different
  • Beliefs are in alignment with the things you want

Repetition is key to long term success

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