Restore And Expand The Bodies Capacity For Intimacy, Pleasure, And Wholeness - Darlene Loves
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Restore And Expand The Bodies Capacity For Intimacy, Pleasure, And Wholeness

Restore And Expand The Bodies Capacity For Intimacy, Pleasure, And Wholeness

Today’s interview is with Rahi Chun creator of

Rahi holds sacred space for Somatic Sexual Wholeness, a mind/body/spirit integration to sexual health & well-being, which repairs the ruptures in the developmental journey of one’s sexual embodiment, from early attachment deficits to reclaiming one’s voice/choice from adolescence, into adult sexual wholeness.

Discover how somatic sexual wholeness can provide you with the permission to experience with the most fulfilling and satisfying sex possible.

You’re going to be able to release any guilt or shame that you may have that is holding you back and learn more about your body.

By the end of this conversation, you’ll learn how you can store and expand the body’s capacity for intimacy, pleasure and wholeness.

Meet Rahi Chun..

I was always very curious about what would be intentional power of healing touch.

I became certified as  somatic sex educator in California. I’m also a sexual body worker.

I have a Masters in Psychology, as the journey unfolded by  doing this work professionally, I became fascinated with the nervous system and what kinds of past patterns affects the nervous system and how to resolve it in a very safe way so that its released in the body and nervous system.

I’m fascinated with the early emotional attachment and  how that affects the body as a child, and then how that places out in our lesson engaging sexually because often times there is a sense of voice or choice our body and that turns into our adult sexual patterns behavior.

I like examining the whole line in our developmental stages of sexual embodiment and repairing any raptures along that journey.

Major takeaways:

  • Emotional attachment issues are reflected by affecting our somatic issues
  • Physiology in turn affects your psychology and our identity, it’s like the emotional response affects your physiology
  • It’s important to engage the cognitive as well as the body
  • Men are drawn to energy. Most universal issues amongst females is body image and they have a lot of insecurity about their body image. And what that starts to do is how we feel affects our body
  • Our sexuality is organic
  • It’s really important that people take stock of their own body, their own sensations, what they enjoy

Women are ten times more intuitive than men are.


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