The biggest mistake we make in relationships... - Darlene Loves
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The biggest mistake we make in relationships…

The biggest mistake we make in relationships…

I know most of us to want to be in peace and love in our relationships but the problem is we end up creating personal attacks and wars with one another.

Two of the biggest mistakes we unconsciously make in relationships with others is by the expectations and the judgments or assumptions we make. In addition, we misinterpret what someone said and make it mean something that person never intended it to mean. If we want peace and love in our relationships then we must be willing to communicate in a whole new way.

Women have this expectation that men should know what we want.

Have you done this before?

You want a loving, expansive relationship with someone and yet you find yourself having assumptions and expectations that that person knows what you’r thinking, they should just know how to make you happy, they should just know what you need… but yet you’ve never communicated it. They’re not on the other end of that voice in your head.

So then, how can they win?

Men, for the most part, are about points. They like to win. They’re very competitive or they like to rack up those points.

And in order for them to hear us, first we have to communicate it. And then we need to have an agreement upon it.

It’s a longer process than mind reading is.

Mind reading versus communicating and having a conversation, which will become a win-win for you in the long run.

Communicating alleviates a lot of the hurt that come from you, from needing to withhold from anyone.

It’s as simple as saying what’s on your mind.

Rather than keep it to yourself, you share it.

Sharing because of love.

The next time you feel triggered by something – communicate it with them, ask them.

It’s better to ask and really listen and hear what they have to say so that you can clear up any misunderstanding that can happen along the way.

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