The power of a feminine orgasm to create and increase our intuitive electricity - Darlene Loves
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The power of a feminine orgasm to create and increase our intuitive electricity

The power of a feminine orgasm to create and increase our intuitive electricity

If you are ready to increase the level of creativity, power, and intuition in your life, business, and relationships then do I have some inspiration for you today.

Find out what I learned and used to create my life and business that you has a woman have access to harness too! Discover more about Slow Sex and the most electrical and smallest piece of powerful real estate on a human body.

Today I’m going to speak about the power and electricity of creation within our sexuality and sensuality, which we can create based on all of that electric current that flows through our body in orgasm. 

Did you know that there are different orgasms?

I learned about the 15-minute orgasm and my head completely opened up in a whole new way. (If you are not familiar with orgasmic meditation, head on over to and check them out.)

The 15-minute orgasm cultivates feminine orgasm with benefits

that include more longevity, health, happiness, wellness, pleasure..

Orgasmic Meditation Introduction – Basically a game night where you just play communication games, where you are stroked in different directions.

  • Up Stroke – similar to a question/inquiry about what brings you up, what really lights you up in the world.
  • Down Stroke – will be what scares you.

Everything about the practice is guided through safety and allows a woman to fully surrender, which is where our extreme power is.

Orgasmic Meditation is not sex.

When I get  to orgasmic meditation, I had that time to nourish myself.

By letting that feminine orgasm flow in you, you’re going to find a lot more power and a lot more ability to see , feel and experience things and life without force in a very flowing way, what they called that flow state of awareness where your 5 senses are connected.

This is an opportunity for you to explore a different place in your life of power, creativity, of electricity..

Just think of yourself like an electrical current. You have the power to create babies, the power to create love, to create whatever you want through the creation of electrical current in our body.

There’s a lot of benefits of orgasm physically, mentally ,and emotionally .

This is an opportunity to explore a different place in your life.






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