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The secret to your sensual health with clearer skin, brighter eyes, and shiny hair

The secret to your sensual health with clearer skin, brighter eyes, and shiny hair

Hey sensual woman, did you know that your eyes, skin, and hair are what men unconsciously look at to decide if they are attracted to you?? 

I know it sounds crazy because we’re so used to hearing about your age or family genetics, as the cause of youth and beauty and while that does play a part, I’m going to share with you today 3 secrets that will revolutionize the way you look at your health and sexual attractiveness.

My 3 secrets that’s going to revolutionize the way you look at your health and your sexual attractiveness.

I’ve been supporting hundreds of woman over the years to look and feel more sexy, sensual beautiful and fit. I’ve been doing this ever since I can remember. I was 24 when I first started teaching aerobics.

I was a very, very sick child and I was 19 years old with 2 children when I was first diagnosed with a stomach illness. And when I asked my dad who had been experiencing a lot of pain himself on what i should do, he looked at me and said “the doctors never did anything for me and I don’t know what to tell you.”

So I knew that it is important that I had to take this into my own hands.

So I searched to find the answer. It took me 5 years until I ran across a book called “The Mormon Diet Cook Book.” It has simple recipes and it talks about not eating meat, which I tried for 30 days. I felt so much difference in my health.

I found out later that it was a vegan diet.

I’m sharing this with you because what I found was a true foundation of radiant and sexual attractiveness and it’s called our primal attractive nature.

And what I found is that men are unconsciously judging us women.

When I feel sickly and not eating, I noticed that even though I was married I was not really feeling attractive and desirable. And men out there are judging us based on our appearance and they cant just help it!

Men wants a healthy woman.

These 3 tips/secrets are about:

  • how to increase our primal natural attractiveness
  • how to optimize your health and energy and the way you feel simply by the fuel that you put in your body.

The big idea here is that fresh raw fruits has high water content than any other foods. And we know that water keeps us hydrated.

Why is eating water-based fruit important? It’s because it has fiber and high in vitamins and nutrients.

If you eat a ripe fruit and increase your level eating this fruits, it will make you stop craving all sweets.

Second secret is leafy green are some best source of protein and fiber readily and easily available to the body. Eating those greens is livening and  more gentle in our body to receive plant-base protein and fiber. Leafy greens are easy to digest and filters toxins from our body. Leafy greens helps us feel healthy, energized and electrifying for us evolving sensual women.

Third secret is the key. Take those fruits and those greens and create delicious and nutricious smoothies. This will leave you throughout the day feeling, looking sexy and beautiful. It takes less to digest so your body can focus on other things to keep you vibrant and healthy.

I created the recipes in my Your Essential Recipe Book that can get you started.

Prove yourself how much more radiant glowing sensual you are simply taking my 30 to 90 day test.

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