What are some basic rules or guidelines about love and fear that you should know? - Darlene Loves
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What are some basic rules or guidelines about love and fear that you should know?

What are some basic rules or guidelines about love and fear that you should know?

Did you realize that the language you use is one of the most powerful pieces to creating the world you live in?

Most of the use words so unconsciously that we don’t realize how much we are self-sabotaging simply through the “words that are comin’ out of my mouths.” Today I am going to share with you what I have discovered in using new words to increase my joy and relationships with others and you too can use them to create the life of your desires.

When you try to push fear away, it gets stronger and eventually it can win. But if you invite it into your life and create a relationship with it, then you’re not controlled by it. You’re in a relationship with it.

Languaging is important to creating the life that you want.

I remember when I was single and I would say  oh im lonely and I notice how those words just makes me tighten up because there is an idea in that word. And when I step back and become very conscious and slower about my words, what come out with my mouth, is more with what I want to create versus what I don’t want to create. And its been my practice over the years specially when I ended up my relationship with my former husband.

What I want to express with you today is just to make a mental note of how you speak to that world and what are the words you are using and how are you speaking to the different emotions or the different opportunities in you life, from fear to joy, no matter what the spectrum you are experiencing in that moment by inviting it in.

Fear is there for a reason or a support for you for a lot of ways and it can be in your way.

If you create better relationship with your emotions, with who you are, I believe you can create a better relationship with who you connected to.

I love to come up with different original thoughts and thinking and ideas in the world. I’m imagining that I have my own thing.

My semantics has not been a kind as I would like it to be at times and I’m practicing that space of being mindful of my words.

In order to be brave, you need to be friends with your emotions.

Take fear in the hand and jump off with it and dive in that situation.

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